North & Southbound (T) Train LED Sign (Exterior R160)

Southbound (T) Train LED Sign (Interior R160)

Eastbound M34 +Select Bus Service+ LED Sign (Front)

Westbound M34

Eastbound M34A

Westbound M34A

Designed in Illustrator, animated in After Effects and exported to gif file in Photoshop.

Modeling Portfolio

Modeling Reel

Alfred Wong 3D Modeling Reel 2013 from Alfred Wong on Vimeo.

Software used: Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop and After Effects

Reel Screenshots

Steampunk Boy

Girl Character

Illustration by Jake Parker

Tree House

Post WWII NYC Type R1 Subway Car

Furniture Modeling for one of my friend's short animation project.


Kangoo - SVA Thesis

Thesis - Kangoo from Alto_1080 on Vimeo.

This is my senior thesis for School of Visual Arts in BFA Computer Arts, 2009. My short film is about a character named Kangoo who is hungry for snacks. He finds out that his snack cabinet is empty. Instead, he tries to bake a cake for himself, but at the end he causes a disaster.